65 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas for Every Wedding Style

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65 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas for Every Wedding Style

No wedding planner? No problem.

Photo by Pat Furey; Rentals by Tableset Luxury Rentals

These days, there seems to be the notion that not hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is essentially committing matrimony malice, but that couldn't be farther from the truth, especially given the amount of DIY wedding decorations out there. If you fall under this umbrella of décor-savvy or budget-friendly couples who want to tackle the planning process independently, prepare to be the best temporary wedding planner your ceremony will ever see. To make your life a heck of a lot easier, we rounded up several DIY wedding decorations that you and your partner can easily and elegantly pursue for the big day.

And, fear not, un-crafty couples—every suggestion on our list is a realistic DIY project that doesn't require a ton of skills or expertise. We're talking about affordable flower arrangements, table runners, and centerpieces to take decorating the reception tablescape into your own hands, string lights you can easily hang on your own, and much more.

In order to create a balanced space, start off by prioritizing your DIY projects according to the overall vision you want to create. This will ensure that the dispersal of décor is perfectly proportioned and guarantees you won't be wasting your time on projects that won't pack a punch.

Here are our 65 favorite DIY wedding decoration recommendations.

Photo by Caroline Yoon; Event Planning by Emily Coyne Events; Floral Design by Rion Designs

Bouquet arrangements should come from the heart and speak to who you are as an individual, so, in that sense they should be easy to create on your own. Opt for foraged flowers, local greenery, picks straight from the garden, or loose stems from a local florist or farmers market to make your personalized mix. For the finishing touch, wrap the base in ribbon or leave long trails of fabric to add a little flow.

Add something old or something borrowed to the bridal bouquet for a sentimental touch to carry you down the aisle. This bride honored her late father by wrapping his personalized shirt cuff around her bouquet. "He walked me down the aisle in that sense," she recalls of her verdant Hudson Valley nuptials. You can do the same with passed-down jewelry, a strip of fabric from your grandmother's wedding dress, or even lockets with their photos or other meaningful mementos inside.

Photo by Flora & Fauna

Get creative with accessorizing your littlest helpers. These ribbon wands aren't just photogenic and easy to replicate (all you need is ribbon and a wood base), they also provided limitless fun at this colorful multi-cultural nuptials in the Berkshires.

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Floral Design by Jenny Moss

If you can tackle the task of bundling a bridal bouquet, you can absolutely throw together a boutonniere or two—they are just tiny posies after all. Feel free to utilize the same mix from the bouquets, albeit with a slightly more masculine approach, and tie together with ribbon or twine. Here, a mix of sprigs of lavender and olive leaves befitting the couple's French châteaux nuptials.

Photo by KT Merry; Event Planning by Bellafare; Floral Design by Fern Studio 

So easy a child could it! Freshen up those carefully cultivated crown-weaving skills from your youth and plait a few floral crowns for your bridal party or tiny attendants. No need to get too elaborate, a simple daisy chain is oh-so tender. Or, use fresh greens, ferns, foraged flowers, garden finds, baby's breath, chamomile, or dried flowers for an organic touch. We especially love bunny tails for their rustic elegance and youthful innocence.

Photo by Valorie Darling; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

And while you're at it, why not put together a little flair for your furriest family member. Weave a collar in the same way you would a floral crown but tie off the ends with ribbon so that it can be sized to your pet and easily taken off. Attach a ring pillow if they're also acting as ring bearer for the day.

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Event Planning by EKS Events 

Be the consummate hosts that you are by considering guests' needs. A comfort station is the perfect way to ensure they have everything they may require to fully enjoy the festivities. Visualize all of your wedding plans to better understand how the day will play out and gather a few things that you believe could mitigate any factors of stress like parasols, blankets, flip flops, etc. Then gather vessels like baskets, barrels, and trunks to artfully display those items in a stunning visual.

Photo by Branco Prata; Event Planning by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Creative

Self-serve beverages for the win! Dream up a beverage display that's summertime fine by pre-mixing some of your favorite drinks and serving them en-mass in glass dispensers. These in particular were filled with tequila-rich Palomas but you can go for more wholesome options like lemonade or iced tea. Let the glassware dictate the décor with mason jars creating a rustic aesthetic or champagne flutes for a more refined touch.

Photo by Jennings King; Event Planning by Fox Events; Floral Design by Poppy Custom Floral 

Transform your wedding signage into pieces of estate décor by utilizing imaginative canvases. Here, a vintage mirror adds opulence to a bucolic setting. Write out your message with a marker or have a decal custom made. For a more rustic and natural aesthetic, stick the decal to plywood or use stencils to paint your wording.

Rather than having to arrange individual escort cards for each of your guests, resort to one easy-to-read sign that denotes each table setting. Print it, prop it, and you're good to go.

​Photo by Aaron Delesie; Event Planning by EKS Events; Floral Design by DesignWorks 

Including tiny tots in your wedding party can be quite the undertaking. Ensure that their journey down the aisle is as seamless as possible by providing them with a little vehicle all their own. Get crafty with paints, flowers, streamers, and signs to fashion the ultimate carriage of their youthful dreams (and yours).

Photo by David Salim; Event Planning by Design Anarchy Studio; Floral Design by Tuscany Flowers

We can't get enough of baskets as wedding décor, not just for their rustic cuteness but for their functionality as well. Jazz them up with fresh flowers, dried stems, or ribbons and use them as vessels to be carried by your flower girls, to house wedding favors, to be filled with stationery, to gather floral centerpieces, or to hold comfortable accessories for your guests.

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Invitations and paper goods by Elsa Madeline Design

Wedding programs needn't be a huge undertaking. With a digital template, you can edit the layout with all of your own big-day information and print on whatever type of paper suits your style. We especially love this elegant and minimalist style that can perform double-duty as a fan for your guests. Just add a paddle stick and go.

Photo by Kami Olavarria; Event Planning by Saguzo Eventos; Floral Design by Addy Florales & Native Poppy

While nature is usually the best—and most budget-friendly (it's already included in the venue fee)—option when it comes to ceremony backdrops, we understand that sometimes your altar just needs that little extra oomf. Picture your ideal snapshot for the vow exchange and then build a frame for it using flowers, branches, greenery, candles, saplings, or lanterns. We're loving this desert-inspired, asymmetric frame created with dried palms, pink anthuriums, and foraged local flowers.

Photo by Whitney Darling; Event Planning by RO & Co. Events; Floral Design by Bloom Babes 

The entryway to your aisle sets the tone for the entire day, so you'll want to make sure it's a sight to behold. Frame the gateway to your nuptial union with elements that speak to the rest of your décor. Fresh florals and greenery are a traditional mainstay but also consider dried grasses, lanterns, candles; we've even seen a memorable display of saplings flanking the aisle. Here, clusters of eucalyptus, pampas grass, and cacti fringe the entrance for a desert feel.

Photo by Caroline Yoon; Event Planning by Emily Coyne Events; Floral Design by Rion Designs; Rentals by Encore Event Rentals 

Typically when one thinks of aisle décor their mind immediately jumps to floral runners snaking their way down the sides, but the same look can be achieved by far simpler means. Elevate the scene by tying clusters of freshly foraged flowers and greenery to the sides of the first chairs for the same lush aesthetic.

Photo by Pat Furey; Rentals by Tableset Luxury Rentals

Boho rugs have had a serious resurgence, and for good reason. The colorful textiles add texture and personality to any venue, as well as a decidedly bohemian aesthetic. Hit up a thrift store for some retro finds and use them to cushion out a lounge area, line the aisle, or anchor the ceremony space.

Photo by Sasithon Photography; Floral Design by Wildflower Floral Events

If a chuppah or wedding arch is something you've always wanted, why not design your very own? Whether curved, square, or in a modern pyramid-shape the simple structure is easy to put together with reclaimed wood. This couple’s chuppah was built with bamboo and topped with fabric, while vibrant astilbe and yarrow flowers were draped from the beams for the finishing touch.

Photo by James & Schulze; Event Planning by Calluna Events; Décor & Design by Eclectic Hive; Floral Design by Bare Root Flora

Natural alternatives to exit tosses and sparkler send-offs are not only eco-friendly but also a great crafting project. Fill up paper cones, linen sachets, or any other creative vessel you can think of with fresh petals, olive or eucalyptus leaves, fragrant lavender buds, or aromatic herbs.

Photo by Erin McGinn; Event Planning by Christine Bevilacqua of Metta Events 

Traditional bars are cool and all, but there's just something about self-serve bottles on ice. Make a unique visual display out of it by bringing in a vintage car and displaying the ice basins in the trunk.

Photo by ​O'Malley Photographers; Event Planning by Valley and Co.

A barrel bar requires minimal assembly—seriously, even those with limited carpentry skills can knock this one out. Just balance a flat, wooden topper over two barrels and et voilà! Deck out your work in equally rustic décor (we like wine for the continuity...and the taste) and you have a visual masterpiece.

Photo by Megan Gielow; Event Planning by Gather Together Events; Floral Design by Meristem Floral

Garlands are the ultimate when it comes to filling out sparse areas and adding a dash of lush greenery to any space. Snake them down banquet tables as runners, drape over the newlyweds' chairs, decorate a bar area, outline the beams of a tent, or use them to rope off reserved ceremony seating.

Photo by Juan Trijillo;Event Planning by Organización de Una Boda

If your big-day events are spread out over a vast property, you may want to employ some strategically placed signs to point the way. Some reclaimed wood, paint, and a stencil if you're so inclined are all you need for this endeavor.

Lawn games are a must for any casual cocktail hour—there's nothing like a little friendly competition to wet the appetite. Treat your games to a bit of personalization by painting a Jenga set in your wedding colors or stenciling in a cornhole setup.

Photo by Samm Blake; Floral Design by Doe and Jay Studio

This simple escort card display is super easy to execute and packs a visual punch. Create a flower market effect by filling buckets that represent each table with fresh blooms and sticks with your guests' names on them.

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Event Planning by Valley and Co.

Put empty wine bottles to good use and enjoy drinking their contents in the process. Instead of traditional signage, paint table numbers on them (perfect for a vineyard setting), fill with flowers for centerpieces, or use them as water carafes for the tables. We even have some creative uses for the corks later on.

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Event Planning by EKS Events; Floral Design by DesignWorks  

Reimagining indoor furniture for the outdoors is one of our favorite DIY decorative strategies. Vintage chests, dressers, or bookshelves make for stunning, residential displays juxtaposed against the wilds of nature. Here, a vintage dresser transforms into the ultimate something blue as a petal station. We also love the inspired use of furniture in creating escort card displays or bars.

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

After creatively upcycling all those wine bottles, you undoubtedly have a ton of corks laying around. Let's put those babies to good use by cutting into them horizontally to create place card holders or a display stand for polaroids. Or, the perennial classic: Fill hurricane votives or jars with them for vino-themed decorative accents

Photo by Rachel Havel; Event Planning by Bubbles & Bowties; Paper Products by Crane 

Wax seals instantly add a luxe look to any wedding stationery or paper products from escort cards and place cards to invitation suites to menus, programs, and favor bags. Have a custom seal made with your new monogram—or just some numbered ones like those used above—and go to town. If you're not into the whole idea of hot wax dripping all over your house, you can always get adhesive seals that look just as old-school.

Photo by Chris & Ruth Photography

Lavender is such a wonderful sensory overload and so versatile that it requires its very own shout out. Fill bowls for an aromatic experience, add them to bouquets and boutonnieres, garnish cakes and cocktails, fill little sachets for guests to take home as favors, accent centerpiece displays, or drop a sprig on top of a place setting for a French touch.

Photo by Sergio Sandoná; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events; Paper Goods by Epoch Design 

While flower walls make for unquestionably stunning focal points, they also come with a pretty hefty price tag. A garden-inspired backdrop, however, is a pretty uncanny DIY alternative. Here, the wooden canvas was bedecked with individual flowers and served as an escort card display until it was later repurposed as a photo booth backdrop. For a less deconstructed take, you can fill the whole board up with garden blooms and greens.

Photo by Henry + Mac; Event Planning by Glass Event Planning

If your chosen venue errs on the expansive side, you may need to consider how your guests will get from one point to the other. If an actual trail doesn't already exist, you can outfit one out with paper lanterns to illuminate the path. Your guests will thank you when they're trying to find the bathrooms later.

Photo by Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

From table numbers to signs to photos of you and your future spouse, there's no shortage of frame-worthy paper wedding essentials. Once you've got the frames covered, you can easily design your own creative fillers like the signage at this New England backyard wedding.

For a fun twist on the traditional guestbook, have your guests snap polaroids of themselves on the big day and add the photos to a keepsake book. You can request that they add a personal message or write marriage advice on their snapshot.

Photo by Luna del Mar; Event Planning by Gold Leaf Event Design; Floral Design by Aspen Branch

Who amongst us has seen a trellised, alfresco dinner arrangement and not drooled at its magnificence? If your outdoor venue doesn't come naturally equipped with the option or you're taking your celebration indoors, a custom canopy can easily be built and outfitted with lush greenery and vibrant blooms. It's basically a pint-sized version of a ceremonial arch in its structure.

What's more budget-friendly than leaves? They literally grow on trees. They're also the perfect, natural canvas for organic escort cards, table numbers, exit tosses, even chargers if they're big enough. Here, monstera blades were completed with gold calligraphy and transformed into dramatic table markers. Expert calligraphy skills are not needed, just some neat handwriting and a gold pen will do.

Photo by Sergio Sandoná; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Stationery & Paper Goods by Epoch Design

Table settings need not be overly complicated. At the end of the day, all you really need are plates to hold the food, utensils to consume it with, a napkin for the sake of propriety, and a place card if you opt for assigned seating. To give each setting a little visual pizzaz, choose one element to stand out over the rest. Here, the brushed-gold cutlery provides texture and blends exquisitely with the blush-toned, woven linens. Or, you could put the focus on the plates by sourcing ones with an intricate print or go for an eclectic, mismatched look.

Photo by Pat Furey; Rentals by Tableset Luxury Rentals

Laying out tinted glassware is an ultra-fresh approach to injecting pigment into a tablescape. Stick to one shade for a uniform verve of color all throughout your table or mix and match different tones for an eclectic feel—also great if you're sourcing from vintage finds or pulling together from what you already own. Our personal favorites are of the amber or blue-hued variety.

Photo by Jennings King; Event Planning by Fox Events; Floral Design by Poppy Custom Floral; Paper Products by Studio R & J.Lily Design

There's nothing like sourcing your wedding décor from a grocery store or farmers market. Herbs are not only aromatic and fresh but also provide an organic aesthetic to any celebration. Use a sprig or two to accent a table setting, garnish the drinks, or display them in potted form throughout the venue. We love the idea of sticking to herbs that are featured in the menu's offerings for a sense of culinary foreshadowing.

Photo by Tida Svy; Floral Design by Shindig Chic 

Another win for grocery store wedding décor finds. We love tablescapes and centerpieces that mix fresh fruit with classic florals. Go for seasonal picks like summery citruses for bursts of vibrant tones or autumnal harvests like pears, apples, persimmons, and pomegranates. Veggies are not to be cast aside either—we've seen some pretty creative usage for artichokes, too.

Photo by Kristin Sweeting; Floral Design by Overgrowth Floral

Clustered vases are a simple way to create a full centerpiece without breaking your budget. Mix together bud vases, glass bottles, and other odds and ends from around the house in a variety of shapes and hues for an eclectic look. Transform those low-cost, mixed bouquets from the grocery store into chic floral assemblies by deconstructing them into single stems filling small vessels.

Photo by Heather Waraska; Event Planning by AaB Creates; Floral Design by Saipua; Calligraphy by Papersoul 

Place cards intrinsically lend themselves to an easy DIY project. You can use just about any object that matches the theme as long as you can either write on it or have it hold a card. We've seen objects from leaves to stones to crystals and everything in between. At this nautical wedding in Montauk, guests' seats were marked by oyster shells emblazoned with their names. “I ordered the shells on Etsy, and they weren’t so fresh-smelling when they arrived," recalls bride Kelly. "I washed 200 of them with a toothbrush in our bathtub!”

Photo by Flora & Fauna; Event Planning by Tall & Small Events; Floral Design by Athabod 

Taper candles are generally pretty inexpensive, so go crazy and flesh out an entire tablescape with these beacons of light. Classic ivory is a mainstay, but consider the visual impact of colored taper candles for a moment. Pastel hues of blues and pinks in gilded candleholders are breathtakingly whimsical, tone-on-tone neutrals of beige and light wood are charmingly rustic, and navy blues or blacks with ornate, brass candleholders are exquisitely opulent and dramatic.

Photo by Ross Harvey; Event Planning by The Lake Como Wedding Planner; Rentals by Tearose

Why burden your budget with extra props when you already have everything you need? Consider your linen napkins the Swiss Army knives of place setting pragmatism. With a pocket napkin fold you can create the space to tuck your menu card or cutlery right into its breast, sans the unnecessary added accouterments.


Add some height to your wedding décor with the strategic use of candleholders. Mix and match hues and sizes for a cool, eclectic arrangement. Play with textures like brass, wood, or polished metals to add dimension or sheath with thin, cylindrical hurricane votives to amplify the glow.

Photo by Kate Headley; Event Planning by A Day in May Events; Floral Design by Bloom Floral Design

Potted plants make for a refreshing, earthy spin on the more conventional floral arrangements. Utilize the plants as aisle runners, table ends, centerpieces, or decoration for stairwells. Here, fresh basil and daisies were repotted into quirky, retro cans for an added shot of color but simple terra cotta is always at the height of rustic elegance.

Photo by Belathée Photography

Have a green thumb? Grow your plants instead of repotting store-bought varieties. We especially love that the plants can continue to live on in your home or garden after the celebration, serving as mementos of the big day. These vibrant vessels created a fitting escort card display for this moody garden wedding in Connecticut.


Outfit the newlyweds' place of honor in all the glory that befits the occasion. Here, a single flowering branch is diagonally secured to each chair back with vibrant ribbon. A handmade wreath or bundled greenery swag would look just as stunning.

Photo by Ashley Jensen; Event Planning by A La Carte; Floral Design by A La Carte

From gauzy fabrics flowing in the wind to trails of moss and ivy vines, along with stems of eucalyptus, rushes of olive branches, and scatterings of floral petals there is no shortage of dramatic table runner options that won't break the wedding budget. Pick the best medium to match your wedding style and theme and deftly snake them over tables for a professional display.

Photo by Tony Wodarck; Event Planning by Courtney Tibbets of After The Engagement; Floral Design by The Lavender Rose

It can be easy to get swept up in designing centerpieces and table décor and completely forget the ever important table ends that anchor those designs from the ground up. Stay aligned with your tablescape by using the same flowers, greenery, and tones for your table ends. Cluster everything together for a full look of varying heights. Make sure to include some candles to illuminate each table, as well.

Tackle all your DIY wedding paper needs with this customizable digital set, which you can print yourself. This pink-bordered menu template comes in a matching wedding program, information card, table number, place card, and more.

Photo by Erich McVey; Floral Design by East Olivia; Local Florals by Viva Flor; Lighting by IVC Producciones

While bistro lights may get all the attention these days, we've found some creative uses for the ever-humble string light that literally puts its stale reputation on its head. In lieu of hanging them horizontally, we urge you to experiment with hanging the strands vertically for a whimsical scene that looks as if it's dripping in magic. You can even continue the feel by clustering them together and creating a fully-fledged light curtain.

Photo by Nicole Leever; Event Planning by Vanessa Noël Events; Floral Design by Idlewild Floral; Rentals by Theoni Collection, All About Events, & La Tavola Fine Linen 

Drapery may seem complicated and intimidating, but all you really need is a good sense of the space and a ladder. When utilized properly a few sheets of fabric can add softness to a venue, make large spaces more intimate, inject a light and airy mood to heavy wood, and allow you to fully utilize vaulted ceilings as decorative vehicles.

Photo by Katherine Ann Rose; Event Planning by Lynden Lane Co.; Paper Products by The A.L. Wain Company 

Give your nuptial fête an air of high-end luxury by decking out your wine bottles with customized labels. Have the labels pre-made, or use a template and print out your own on adhesive paper to personalize everything from water bottles to favors.

Let there be no confusion as to who the celebrated couple is. Drape this banner in front of a wedding cake display, dessert bar, chair backs, or use it as an ultra-personalized photo backdrop. Or, if you've got the time on your hands and craftiness in your veins, you can create something similar with some twine and fabric cutouts.

Photo by Katie Ruther; Event Planning by Destination Weddings Tulum  

If you want your guests to get their boogie on, you'll need to show them exactly where to do it. Since keeping the floorspace free is paramount, look upwards to find your canvas. Hanging paper lanterns, disco balls, balloons, garlands, flowers, or light fixtures above the dance floor never fails to get the point across.

Photo by MK Sadler; Event Planning by Princess Wedding; Floral Design by Nina e I Fiori; Lighting Design by Contatto Sonoro

When it comes to DIY wedding decorations, bistro lights are as good as it gets. Hang a few strands along the perimeter of your wedding venue to brighten and personalize the space in a matter of minutes. Infuse the cables with garlands and leaves for extra flair.

Photo by MK Sadler; Event Planning by Princess Wedding; Floral Design by Nina e I Fiori; Paper Products by Silk & Willow 

Alfresco fêtes are prime opportunities for whimsical décor. Transform an outdoor venue into a storybook setting by hanging lights, lanterns, and paper cutouts off of tree branches. This couple went so far as to decorate the trees with candles and snippets of their favorite love poems.

Photo by Branco Prata; Event Planning by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Creative; Catering by Areias do Seixo  

Ah, the humble wood slice. This seemingly low-key staple is actually a titan of wedding décor versatility. Anchor a tablescape with wood-slab charger plates, employ them as bases for centerpiece displays, or exalt them to the ranks of the much-lauded cake stand for a rustic-chic feel.

Photo by Kindred Weddings; Floral Design by Marigold; Pies by Gizditch Ranch

While catering may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering décor, we think you'll reconsider once you realize we're talking about the confectionary pièce de résistance of the night: the wedding cake—er, pie in this case. Nothing says comfort food like a homemade pie and guests will be more than happy to celebrate your love with a slice or two. Warm them up and serve with ice cream for a homegrown touch.

Go the minimal route when it comes to your cake topper. Rather than buying the standard "his and hers" figurines, take the handmade path and personalize the dessert décor with your initials. Stick it front and center inside the confection and dig in.

Photo by Megan Gielow; Event Planning by Gather Together Events 

Poll any wedding guest and we guarantee they'll divulge that the best wedding decorations are the edible kind. Beautify a dessert bar with a sampling of sweets (think bite-sized cookies, candies, or chocolates) encased in pretty glass jars. The jars will add shape and dimension while showcasing their yummy contents.

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Wedding favors are a great place to get your crafting on. Naturally, our favorites are of the edible variety and we especially love imparting some local flair. Lovingly bake cookies for your guests, fill up glass vials with locally sourced olive oil, or gift jars of honey and jams.

Photo by Brandon Lata Photography

Get major points by installing décor that doubles as entertainment for guests. A nostalgic swing hung from the tented reception overlooking the water at this at-home wedding in South Carolina and positively obsessed.

Photo by Alicia King Photography

What can't be made can certainly be found. Antiques make for lovely decorative elements that can be repurposed in your home after the wedding. This couple collecting over 60 ginger jars for the escort card display at their elegant Hudson Valley wedding. “Estate sales, Etsy, eBay—it was a labor of love,” they share.

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